Our Mission:

To produce renewable energy that adds value to grain and livestock production, enhances the income of our investor partners, provide a safe rewarding work environment, and creates economic opportunities for the community.

Goals of for the Company:

  • Produce 80 million gallon per year of bio-fuel ethanol focusing on the local, regional and national markets and start of production June 2018.
  • Produce a high-protein feed source for the local livestock.
  • Return maximum profits to member investors.
  • Add value to agriculture in the area.
  • Meet the standard 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Improve efficiency with the latest technology.

Goals of the Ringneck Energy, LLC Board:

  • Have a risk management program for the majority of input and output price risk.
  • Produce environmentally friendly products through environmentally friendly processes.
  • Operate efficiently and profitably without compromising the health or safety of our employees.
  • Recognize our role in enhancing rural development and the profitability of agriculture, through value added processing.
  • Investigate the opportunities for new technologies or expansion, and encourage continuing education for all employees.

Local Community Benefits

  • Ringneck Energy & Feed, LLC intends to use local products and services whenever possible, both during and after plant construction.
  • Excellent employment opportunity: Anticipated 40 to 45 quality jobs to area residents.
  • Large quantity of high quality feed.
  • Offer an additional market for local farmers and livestock producers.

United States and Environmental Benefits

  • Decreased dependency on foreign oil.
  • Cleaner burning renewable fuel.
  • Positive energy conversion rate (+34 percent) per U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).